Monday, August 03, 2009

The politicization of the immigration ministry

Touted and perceived as a basis for Jason Kenney's future Conservative party leadership prospects:
And Kenney's also worked extensively with Canada's various ethnic communities, first for party outreach and later as part of his roles as junior multiculturalism minister and finally immigration minister.

Google Kenney's name and any ethnic group in Canada and you'll likely stumble upon a picture of Kenney at a barbecue or banquet.

The work helped the Tories pick up 12 seats in the last election, and some argue will help him with a leadership contest.

"If he asked my advice, I'd tell him that he probably has support of the communities he's worked with. . . . He's got a hell of a lot of following," said one caucus member.

"What do you need to win a leadership? To win a leadership it's a mug's game, it's called numbers. And yeah, I think he would certainly be considered someone who could have a good strong foundation going into a leadership race."
And apparently being used by the Conservative party for electoral purposes:
The federal Conservatives held their political training conference at Ottawa's Marriott Hotel, which was attended by more than 700 MPs, candidates in unheld ridings, and campaign managers from across the country. Participants were offered training sessions on social media, voter contact methods, fundraising, media, community outreach, get out the vote, and direct mail fundraising.
A Conservative insider said the training sessions give candidates the basic skills they need to win an election. The source said that in addition to learning campaign skills that apply to everyone, such as how to be an effective door-knocker, a lot of the training candidates receive is tailored to their diverse ridings.

"They talk about the resources that are available for different diverse ridings, so if you have a rural riding then this is what the party has for you to take advantage of. ... Versus if you've got a really multiethnic riding then the Jason Kenney target the immigrant stuff comes in," the source said.
What is the "Jason Kenney target the immigrant stuff?" Would that be government of Canada information and resources that are being used for the political interests of the Conservative party of Canada?