Monday, August 24, 2009

Protest much?

Have you noticed lately, the propensity of Canadian politicians to speak in superlatives about the views of Canadians on having an election in the fall. In particular, the politicians from one particular party. Here's the latest example from John Baird, getting quite animated about something Michael Ignatieff said in response to a question from le Devoir, that an election would not bring "instability." Baird exhales:
"There's not one single person in the world who'd agree with him on that. You can't just say things that are so outrageously false," said Transport Minister John Baird.
"It's clear the economy is at a critical stage. We're seeing some good positive signs of economic activity but they're fragile. I think the last thing the country needs right now is the political instability that an election would cause."
Baird said an election would mean government would "grind to a halt," with decision making and financial commitments put on hold throughout the campaign and beyond until a new cabinet could be sworn in and Parliament convened.
The Conservatives weren't as concerned about having Parliament up and running last fall when Harper had the body suspended in order to avoid a non-confidence vote - even as the country plunged into recession.
There's got to be some great metaphor to use to describe the irony of having John Baird respond on the issue of political instability by using such inflammatory rhetoric. But it's not coming to me. "In the world." "Grind to a halt." Yes, how cheeky of Ignatieff, saying things that are so "outrageously false." Protest much? And taking it up a notch from what the PM said the other day:
“I think the emphasis of all parties in the House of Commons should be working to ensure that we're working on the economy in the fall and that that's our focus,” he said. “And I will say over and over again, I have not met a single Canadian, a single real person out there, whose telling me that they think we should be fighting an election right now.”(emphasis added)
They are sounding very much on the defensive and totally disinclined to an election. Very noticeable and very telling.