Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Checking in on everyone's favourite candidate...

More hagiography:
Amid gloom and doom being generated about Afghanistan today, because of increased Taliban violence, Alexander's is a voice of reason, realism and maybe a touch of optimism. Tactfully, he speaks his mind; unconcerned if his views differ from the conventional.
Like General Stanley McChrystal, he is wary of deadlines for withdrawing our troops.
But then there's a bit of reality:
When The Hill Times reached Mr. Alexander on his cell phone last week, he said he wanted to wait until later to speak to the media about his candidacy, and that he had nothing more to say on Afghanistan.

"I'm no longer talking about Afghanistan, I'm trying to just take a pause on this stuff," he said. (emphasis added)
Huh. Somehow I think it's going to come up...