Tuesday, September 22, 2009

"Capricious indifference to life and health care"

Letter to the editor today:
Breathtaking indifference to life
September 22, 2009

Re:Ottawa sends body bags for flu battle, Sept. 17

The Harper government shipped body-bags to two first nations communities as "preparation" for a potential flu pandemic. The federal Conservatives previously refused to ship hand-sanitizers because they said aboriginals could not be trusted with the supplies.

With the recent shipment of body bags, the message that our indigenous community heard is: just bag your dead.

We heard the minister of agriculture laugh at the dozens of listeriosis deaths; we've seen Mr. Harper cancel the medical-isotope cancer program; we've watched Mr. Harper fail to defend the integrity of our health system against an avalanche of slander in the U.S. health care debate.

Now, the Harper government has let racist attitudes creep into Canadian health care.

The capricious indifference to life and health care in Mr. Harper and team is breathtaking – in more than one way.

Eugene Parks, Victoria, B.C.