Wednesday, September 02, 2009


A few quick items here after yesterday's events...

For all the doom and gloomers and those pessimistic about yesterday's gauntlet from Ignatieff, some numbers indicate upside for Liberals:
Internal Liberal polling has the Conservatives at 36-per-cent support nationally, compared to 36 per cent for the Liberals, insiders say. Mr. Marzolini told caucus that this represents a 10-per-cent increase from the last election. Nationally, he has the NDP at 16-per-cent support, the Bloc at 8 per cent and the Green Party at 3 per cent, Liberal sources say.

According to insiders, Mr. Marzolini said the Liberals are showing strength in Quebec – with he has them at 38-per-cent support, compared to the Bloc Québécois at 31 per cent, the Conservatives at 20 per cent and the NDP at 10 per cent.

In Toronto, he puts the Grits at 56 per cent, the Conservatives at 29 per cent, the NDP at 11 per cent and the Greens at 3 per cent.
Toronto, no surprise, good Quebec numbers and the tie nationally many will say leads to a lean toward a Liberal minority. But the election call will be in other hands as there seems to be plenty of speculation that the NDP may seek to deal with Mr. Harper (Ivison above, NDP statements to media yesterday).

However it all may shake out, here's a thought from Bob Rae buried down at the end of a report that resonated for me:
Most Liberals, said Rae, will be happy about the clarity they received from Ignatieff yesterday.
Yes, clarity. A great political stimulus that can make all the difference.