Friday, September 25, 2009

Conservative advertising breaking the rules

"Tory political advertising breaks rules: Liberals." Just a quick post here, good to see that Liberals are pushing this issue. Recommending concrete improvements to ensure such abuses that the Conservatives are presently guilty of will not occur again. And notably, formal complaints could be coming, sounds like an ethics complaint or perhaps with Elections Canada, continuing to put the Conservatives on the defensive.
The Liberals say there are a number of examples where the Tories have broken the rules. They point to reports that the Tories spent $40 million to advertise the Conservatives' economic plan — compared to just $6.5 million for H1N1 prevention.

The Liberals also claim the ads link to a Conservative-blue website with campaign-style photographs of Harper that refers to the government of Canada as the "Harper government."

Liberal public works critic Martha Hall Findlay said Treasury Board rules specify what should be included in government of Canada advertising.

"Strangely enough, it doesn’t say 'Harper government’ in the rules."

She said the party is looking into making formal complaints against the Tories, saying their advertisements may also infringe Elections Canada financing rules.

"We feel very strongly that there are rules being broken," she said. "But even above all of that, from an ethical perspective, what we are seeing with these websites and … these advertisements is of such a partisan nature that it’s contrary to the spirit of any of the rules we have."
The Conservatives are blatantly pushing the limits with the tv ads and with their infrastructure stimulus and its partisan bent. Good to see this development today.