Thursday, September 24, 2009

Conservative candidate admits partisan stimulus spending

This video has been making the rounds today but am going to post in any event for those who may not have seen it. The Conservative candidate in Markham, a city councillor on the ground and in the know, confirms, twice, that the Markham riding has been subjected to the partisan lens of the federal Conservatives and found wanting. It doesn't have a Conservative member and therefore, a medical research facility in the riding has not been fairly considered for federal funding. The Conservatives are denying it now that the matter's come to light thanks to Mr. Landon, Conservative candidate. But on a day when serious questions are being raised about the impartiality of the Harper Conservatives' administration of the federal infrastructure stimulus, this latest disclosure doesn't help their case:
Mr. Landon, a regional councillor who will try to unseat Mr. McCallum to become Markham-Unionville's MP next election, said on a local Rogers TV show this week that the government won't give money to Markham to help fund a medical device research facility "because it's held by the Liberals."

The National Centre for Medical Device Development is a proposed public-private partnership that a study said could create more than $20 million in economic development and almost 800 jobs.
Mr. Landon wasn't immediately available for comment this afternoon, but Mr. Harper has responded to Mr. Landon's comments.

Speaking to CityTV, he said it's not true that funding is dependent on the party representing a riding.

"The candidate, as you know, is not a member of our caucus and is speaking with no knowledge of that particular situation," the Prime Minister said.

But Mr. McCallum questioned that.

"As a regional councillor, he (Mr. Landon) was not just any citizen. He was involved with the negotiations with the federal government (on the facility). He understood the situation and told the truth," he said.
Another day when we're told day is night, up is down. As the evidence of partisan preference endemic to this government piles up, the Canadian public will catch on. We have a long track record in this country of strongly rejecting such conduct.