Thursday, September 10, 2009

Gilles Duceppe reminding Harper of his political past

Bloc leader Duceppe is bringing some clarity today to Mr. Harper's record in dealing in coalition politics:
Bloc Quebecois Leader Gilles Duceppe said the video demonstrates the hypocrisy of Harper's approach to politics. He noted that Harper, as opposition leader, tried negotiating a deal with the Bloc and the NDP five years ago so that he could become prime minister.

``In 2004, Mr. Harper met me and (NDP Leader) Jack Layton at the Delta Hotel in Montreal to discuss a number of things,'' said Duceppe in an interview with the French-language LCN television news network.

``It was Mr. Harper who did this with those he called the `evil socialists' and the `evil separatists.' Today he's blaming others of supposedly doing this, which isn't the case.''

Duceppe also blasted Harper for criticizing opposition parties for allegedly negotiating ``backroom deals,'' saying that it contradicts what he did in the past and is causing Canadians to lose respect for politicians.

``He came to my office (as opposition leader) saying, `If I become prime minister, what would you like to see in my program to ensure that you'll support me and that I have a majority?''' Duceppe said.
Funny how Harper believes he can get away with demonizing coalitions that don't exist when he's actually been a key participant in a coalition effort himself with the exact same participants that remain on the political stage now.

Here's another reminder from Duceppe of Harper's views on minority government in a former life, when Harper was leader of the opposition:

That was Duceppe yesterday, sounding like he's putting the onus on Stephen Harper to make parliament work in the current maelstrom. Duceppe's point is exactly right, a point similarly made by Michael Ignatieff in his press conference today when he stated that in a minority parliament, it's the responsibility of the Prime Minister to make it work. If we end up in an election, it's this partisan Prime Minister who'll have brought us there, just as he has brought us our previous two elections.