Monday, September 14, 2009

Ipsos nonsense

No surprise here: "Latest poll gives Tories 9-point lead over Grits." Ipsos speaks, most Canadians who follow a variety of pollsters will shrug. It's likely going to take a few weeks for any sense of a trend in public opinion to take shape, early goings in the session.

One point of interest though on the poll's election question that illustrates the little quirks these polls can have:
Seventy-one per cent of respondents believe the "political process is operating just fine at the moment and there is no need for an election." By contrast, only 25 per cent of Canadians believe "Parliament and our federal political process is hopelessly deadlocked right now and that we really need an election to clear the air," according to the poll.
The way the numbers shake out on those two options is perfectly understandable. Take an easy option for the status quo or jump out of your seat and climb the hurdle presented to the respondent in the second option. "Hopelessly deadlocked?" That's quite a high threshold combined with the assertion "we really need an election to clear the air." Only partisan diehards are going to opt for option two. This presentation really doesn't add much to the picture.

And just one other note, interesting timing here too. This poll is released the first day back in the parliamentary session as parties attempt to figure out their voting orientations.

Another day, another poll...with lots more to come!