Sunday, September 20, 2009

Is there anything else we taxpayers can get for you trough swilling Conservatives?

CP expands today on some of the reporting from the past week which drew attention to the Harper government's obscene spending on "economic action plan" and home renovation tax credit ads as the talk of a fall election has heated up. It's obscene in two senses.

As the CP report points out, there has been little to nothing in comparison on H1N1 public education, something that is quite likely much more pressing than the self-promotional actionplan ads. Have you seen anything on your tv screens? No.

And secondly, the actionplan ads in particular convey messaging that reinforces the Conservative line, that we don't need an election as it will interrupt stimulus spending. This is nonsense given the Conservatives' own trumpeting of the stimulus being 80% implemented already. Economists have also laughed at the notion.

This issue was highlighted by Martha Hall Findlay earlier this summer yet nothing's been done by the government to change their partisan orientation in this advertising. If anything, they've instead put the pedal to the floor, knowing that the federal rules on the line between legitimate and partisan advertising are grey. They do love the grey areas. Today's news that they are spending 5 times the amount on self-glorifying ads versus flu pandemic awareness provides us with yet another instance of improper Conservative self-aggrandizing in action.

Not to sound too much like a partisan shill here, but clearly, the phrase applies. We can do better than this government which abuses our taxpayer funds in its own self-interest. What a shameful display of priorities.