Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Jazz hands

Who woulda thunk that the use of "quotations" around certain words in my little post yesterday on the Coderre/Quebec brouhaha would have garnered a little rejoinder about the use of such punctuation. "Scare quotes" is what they're being called now. To quote Ed McMahon, "I did not know that." I used the quotes because I was honestly mocking the terminology. I do believe it is antiquated and strangely militaristic for a political organization and the moment seemed right to call it out.

I also stand by the point that lost in all of this Coderre fascination, is the fact that yes, there are indeed new BFFs in Quebec, as Lindsay put it. That seemed to me a legitimate and obvious point to make yesterday that was missing in the discussion. And while I did see traces of it in the media (Oblique but insufficient reference by Roger Smith last night, La Presse), it didn't receive nearly enough attention.

So, yep, I'm a Liberal, no surprise around here anymore about that. But I was surprised that the post yesterday was taken as "jazz hands," when that was, to me anyway, quite legitimate factual information that should have been more present in yesterday's discussions.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go find my red hoodie.

(By the way, the use of italics above is a frequent technique of mine too. Not necessarily grammatically correct but done to emphasize a given word so it will stand out in a given paragraph. For readability, not to scare anyone:))