Saturday, September 12, 2009


From La Presse Saturday:
Comme le révélait La Presse samedi matin, le gouvernement Harper entend mettre aux voix, vendredi, une motion de voies et moyens visant à mettre en oeuvre certains éléments du dernier budget, dont le crédit d'impôt pour la rénovation domiciliaire, selon des sources sûres.
The Bloc has signalled it would support that measure:
Yesterday, the Bloc Québécois leader told Radio-Canada that if the government brings forward a supply motion to finance the home renovation program later this month, his party will support it.

Unless Harper loads a budget-related motion with other items that are unpalatable to the Bloc, the tax credit will sail through the Commons.
Will Friday's vote be as simple as that then...will it simply be a matter of Harper ensuring he can't be defeated by tabling a ways and means vote that he knows the Bloc will support?

Anyway, there is that interpretation. Sure hundreds of things will happen this week to continue the intrigue, but who knows, it could all play out as above.