Tuesday, September 08, 2009

The many positions of Stephen Harper on election timing

From the archives and since the coalition saw is being hauled out by Conservatives...this video, below, of Harper speaking demonstrates how he ties himself up in knots with his various positions, depending on what's good for him at the political moment. The common denominator to all his positions is as follows: it's all about Stephen Harper.

The split screen is instructive. In December 2008, he wanted another federal election. Two months after the October 2008 election. Yet today, when the major opposition party has lost confidence in his government and has signalled an intent to vote against him, he's against having an election. It's too soon for the country to have one again. Despite the objective fact of Canadians having chosen a minority government that could lead us to an election at any time.

And the 2005 screen, where he speaks about working with opposition members to assume government without having an election is the opposite side of the coin. Further evidence of how flexible Harper is with his principles. He stated these words in April of 2005, meaning he was looking to form a government with the support of his opposition mates, the BQ and NDP, 10 months after the 2004 election. It was convenient for him to team up with the BQ & NDP then, so he did it. Not that the opposition parties are presently considering a similar movement, but on Harper's statements here, it seems they'd have his 2005 blessing.

Why anyone would trust Stephen Harper and his pronouncements about when the country needs an election and his coalition saber-rattling is beyond this Canadian...