Monday, September 28, 2009

Moving on

A point on Coderre's move today, resigning as "Quebec lieutenant."

The vestige of a provincial "lieutenant" with untold power seems to be an antiquated holdover from days gone by. In the Outremont instance, its weaknesses have clearly been exposed. And it must be noted, Coderre's departure doesn't mean that the fallout will go as he predicts and people should think twice before lazily falling for the characterization offered up by Coderre. An "inner circle from Toronto" is going to "run" a Quebec operation? Doesn't make sense in view of events this summer. Noted earlier this summer, for example, some prominent provincial Quebec Liberals from Charest's team were recruited to help with the federal effort in the province. It appears that the Liberal effort in Quebec was already moving on beyond Coderre, the seeds were there this summer:
Meanwhile, Jean-Marc Fournier, a former provincial Liberal minister, is working as a strategist for Mr. Ignatieff, and Marc-André Blanchard, a former president of the provincial Liberal Party, will co-chair the Liberal campaign in Quebec.
Further, have a look at this cyberpresse article today, well-timed, in which Fournier is interviewed. Sounds like things are actually going quite well for the PLC in Quebec. Fournier has now been "Senior Advisor" to Ignatieff for two weeks and that timing may or may not be coincidental to some of the goings on in the background with the Outremont machinations.

All may not be as it appears on the surface today, something to keep in mind.

P.S. The Quebec government may challenge the Harper government's plan to change the House of Commons seat allotments. They're not too happy about the increases in other provinces that will inherently reduce Quebec's percentage of seats within the House of Commons. There could be a challenge launched against the law. Just thought we should mention that while we're on Quebec and how things are going for respective parties.