Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Perfect timing, Democracy Watch holds Harper's feet to the fire

First the video, bit of a trend today, videos demonstrating the Prime Minister's hypocrisy...great question by, sounds like Paul Wells at about the 50 second mark by the way:

Notice how he becomes tonally more cautious and quiet when he's having to dial back a formerly strongly stated position.

And the news today: "Democracy Watch challenges Stephen Harper in court over election call." What a great and well-timed reminder of the Prime Minister's tenuous relationship with the rule of law as embodied in his breaking of his fixed election date last fall. Whether the Democracy Watch suit will demonstrate whether it's the letter or spirit of the law that was broken, the exercise of putting this issue before the courts is important.

We have a Prime Minister who came to office promising fixed election dates and whose rhetoric, along with his ministers, conveyed to the Canadian public that there would be no more mucking about with election dates. That's not what we got though. We saw a fixed election date law passed and then ignored. It's a terrible precedent for a Prime Minister to have set. It demonstrated disrespect for his own law and his word.

So good for Democracy Watch in challenging the Prime Minister in the courts, the issue deserves the lawsuit.