Friday, September 11, 2009

Post Harper-hidden-agenda-tape notes

Some reading material today for those inclined to believe that Harper's videotaped speech, revealed Wednesday night, is a non-event.

An editorial in the Star which conveys something that politicos may be dismissing too easily, that the rhetoric we saw from Harper is rarely shown in public. We may all believe that's the real Harper, move along, nothing to see here. Or perhaps we've caught glimpses on an issue or two, here or there. But we're not the target audience for the revelation of this, the full Harper on tape: "Harper's agenda: not so hidden."

Chantal Hebert on why the coalition rhetoric, mouthed by Harper with that hint of malevolent contempt in his voice during the video, may not actually pay off: "PM's horror stories might not pay off." Read her logic on the moving pieces and why the play isn't so neatly run this time around.

Josee Legault on the tape as Harper's return to his Reform roots and how that leaves a swath of room in the centre to occupy: "Harper is retreating to his Reform roots." Interesting fact pointed out in Legault's column too, almost 25% of voters marked down as undecided in the latest Nanos poll, a figure that's grown in recent weeks.

And this doesn't really fit with the theme above...but read Rick Salutin today, outstanding first line in his column, something that's been mulled over in my peanut brain this week yet did not make it into the form of a blog item:
Suck it up, Canada: What are we – shoppers or citizens?
It goes on from there, in praise of another election. Right on.