Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The rift healing Conservative event the PM won't attend

Bit of fun with the Mulroney 25th anniversary thingy. From CP last night, a few items. First, while there's a big show here of unity that's being attempted, you can't ignore the obvious dysfunctionality in the Conservative political family to the extent that the present PM can't even attend the Conservative event of the year:
Mr. Harper can't attend the event because he will be delivering a speech in New York that night, but insiders say it's doubtful the former prime minister would want him there in the first place.
He has to send a video. Good thing he's in New York, otherwise occupied. Things might have been a bit uncomfortable when you know who is the only person not really welcome at the big shindig. And there's going to be lots of politicking that the big cheese will miss out on. Members of the "latter day group," the present iteration of Conservatives that Mulroney hilariously terms them, will be mixing with the former PCs in a leadership politics dance:
While the attempt at unity will unfold on the floor of the hotel ballroom, another subtle dynamic will also be at play.

Conservatives with potential leadership ambitions, such as Environment Minister Jim Prentice, Defence Minister Peter MacKay, Finance Minister Jim Flaherty, and Transport Minister John Baird will be prominent figures in a powerful crowd. Although there is no leadership race on the immediate horizon, politicians are keeping their options open and jotting down names.

“Any successful Conservative leader who has achieved power has done so by building a national coalition of interest,” Mr. Plamondon said.

“If you're seen to be distancing yourself from Mulroney's entourage, I think you're diminishing your chances of success.”
While the cat's away...Conservative leadership talk again, that's a shame. No comment on those listed above. Although the Flaherty reference is probably just politeness. I mean, come on. 

And to expand on the point above...the fact that there's this rift between Harper and Mulroney is yet another indication that somebody doesn't play nicely with others. Sounds like most of his cabinet ministers are in the good books, why not Harper? Why hasn't he been able to mend this fence? It's the same thing that goes on with his dealings with opposition parties, political relationships just seem to be hard for this Prime Minister to sustain. 

Certainly sounding like everybody who's anybody in Conservative circles will be there...oh well.