Saturday, September 26, 2009

Well chosen, voters of St Paul's

Not that in the end it was close at all though. But Sue Ann Levy demonstrates just what the voters are now missing out on. In her column today on Mayor Miller's departure, she calls him an "insufferable egomaniac" and a "coward." Thanks to N for the email:
I think the St Paul’s voters were on to something when they decisively rejected Sue-Ann Levy. Her column in today’s Sun on the resignation of Mayor Miller speaks volumes about her and her attitudes.
Once elected, an MPP, MP or councillor represents not just the key supporters but everyone. She cannot bring herself to acknowledge any one else but demeans anyone who does reflect her views.
Miller's tenure is open to criticism, sure, and no doubt there are a lot of Torontonians looking to turn the page. But the offering from Levy doesn't seem appropriate to send off a politician who, whether you agree with his record or not, devoted a lot to the city. A little bit of class in the moment never hurt anybody.