Tuesday, October 20, 2009


62 complaints, in total, launched against the Conservatives over the past two weeks. That's got to be some kind of record they're setting? No? Let's take a moment to review...

55 Conservatives are the subject of ethics complaints for their improper use of partisan cheques.

3 more complaints were initiated over the government's partisan advertising, to Treasury Board, Elections Canada and the Ethics Commissioner.

4 were launched in respect of a Lisa Raitt fundraiser out of the Toronto Port Authority (Ethics Commissioner, Lobbying Commissioner, Privacy Commissioner and Elections Canada).

Raitt alone has racked up 5 complaints in the last few weeks, clearly the "MVP" in this effort, if you will. Of the four requests for investigations on the above fundraiser, two have formally begun according to the Toronto Star on the weekend. The Ethics and Privacy Commissioners are opening investigations (Ethics Chair Szabo filed a 42 page report in substantiation of the ethics complaint). Raitt's also been added to the "partisan cheque" complaint list for improper use of the Conservative logo at a government of Canada announcement.

62 and yet it's still so early in the session...