Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Looks like another investigation of the Harper Conservatives to add to the now very long list: "Lobbying czar probes firm with ties to Tories." Heck, when we're up in the 60s, what's one more?
The Prime Minister's Office is cutting off communications with officials affiliated with Navigator Ltd. while the federal watchdog of lobbying looks into the practices of the plugged-in firm, a government official said yesterday.

The specific purpose or target of the Commissioner of Lobbying's inquiries is not known, but the PMO has moved pro-actively in hopes of limiting further controversies during this heated political season.
...news of the commissioner's work has circulated within the Harper government, which came to power in 2006 by vowing to clean up Ottawa.

"I have been told that the Prime Minister's Office will not have formal or informal communications with Navigator," the government official said on condition of anonymity.
Sounds interesting. The PMO involved in this one? Bad news.

So let's tally this up once again...

55 ethics complaints on the "Cheque Republic" front.

3 for partisan advertising (Ethics, Treasury Board, Elections Canada).

4 against Lisa Raitt for fundraiser connected to Toronto Port Authority (Ethics, Privacy, Lobbying, Elections Canada).

1 ethics investigation against Conservative Senator Leo Housakos for his employer having received stimulus funds.

Lisa Raitt...still our "MVP" to date. Although Senator Housakos is surely giving her a run for her money these days with reports like this one from last night, with all the impact this could have in Quebec: "Tory senator linked to key players in Quebec scandal." And depending on how things turn out with this new lobbying/PMO thingy, could be a new entrant to challenge our champ at some point.

64. Just breathe deeply and take it all in...