Monday, October 19, 2009

Boondoggle in Guergis' riding: part II

The "boondoggle" gets more national attention: CBC on the Guergis watch! Seems they've picked up the narrative on the infrastructure spending and last night they dealt with one instance that has, if you watch the video, galvanized some voters in Helena Guergis' riding of Simcoe-Grey. This has to do with the federal infrastructure funding of the Pretty River Academy private school which has been a subject of discussion in that riding throughout the summer. A private school in her riding received infrastructure funding yet multiple public facilities that applied were rejected. Not going over well in the community and that's the gist of the report.

The CBC report picks up on discontent that's been building for a while. Here's John Ivison on it about a month ago, some local media mid-summer and the blogging community as well. Here's a recent example of an upset citizen writing to Guergis. She has her supporters there on this issue too.

So, we'll see how this plays out for MP Guergis. The Pretty River Academy funding may become a challenge for her as the wider story of the choices this Conservative government is making with taxpayer dollars becomes more of a national issue.