Thursday, October 15, 2009

Calling all citizen sleuths

The Harper government needs your scrutiny. Keep your eyes open for this kind of partisan material:
"--gov't ads, publications and websites that do less 'informing' and more 'patting themselves on the back'. For example, ad copy, radio spots, government websites that are very partisan (lots of Conservative blue, photos of the PM and ministers; photos of "announcements'' that feature local Conservative candidates but no Liberals [ed note: or other opposition parties]; gov't-paid-for web sites that have links to Conservative Party websites; return addresses on mailings that are private entities, not the government; ads that direct readers or listeners to Harper's 'economic plan vanity site'."
Yesterday was a big day on this issue, with many examples of Conservative emblazoned and signed cheques being issued in connection with government of Canada spending...that's also the kind of thing to keep watching for.

Local media, radio and television, smaller newspapers, fliers and letters received at home, all examples of places to look.

This is all part of a bigger story, the improper politicization of government resources, owned by all of us, for the benefit of the Conservative party. Keep an eye out for it and send along an email...and thanks:)