Sunday, October 25, 2009

Clean energy opportunities

Ignatieff is on the right track with the clean energy push:
"We’ve got to bet the competitive store on energy efficiency and renewables. And we’ve got to understand that the paradox of Canadian strength is that our energy resources are simultaneously a vulnerablility. They make us lazy… energy efficiency is just going to be key to, it’s a little technical, but unit cost productivity. This government has spent four years doing nothing about Canadian productivity and nothing about this issue."
There is a lot of "let Ignatieff be Ignatieff" advice out there, but using words like productivity...would have to actually agree with a certain former Conservative staffer on this, banish it from the lexicon. What does it mean to most people? Liberals need to get better at hammering a certain phrase, over and over, on an issue like this.

He's right on the issue, which is key. See this report today, for example: "Canada falling behind in clean-tech race, industry insiders say," where Lisa Raitt's recent feel-good speech on the issue to industry members was immediately contradicted once she'd left the building. Various programs to encourage renewable energy are lapsing this year while other major nations, the U.S., China are pursuing the issue vigorously.

Energy efficiency, green jobs, whatever the terms are, a connection is there to be had on the issue...