Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Conservative Senator Housakos' troubles continue

On the Conservative excessive partisanship watch, the latest on Senator Housakos. On the one hand there's some intriguing internecine finger pointing coming from Housakos:
Tory Senator Leo Housakos, embroiled in an ethics controversy over a stimulus contract, is accusing one of his own Conservative caucus members of trying to trip him up.

Housakos blamed his troubles on "somebody in my own caucus," and said, "I'm going to take care of him soon," a Montreal newspaper reported Wednesday.
Look forward to that.

On the other hand, as Housakos seeks to point the finger elsewhere, there are more partisan optics popping up for Housakos that don't help while he is under scrutiny for conflict of interest allegations in front of the Ethics Commissioner:
On May 20, Housakos organized a major Conservative fundraiser in Montreal featuring Prime Minister Stephen Harper, for which he was roundly congratulated.

Some of the figures on the guest list that night would go on to be placed in high-profile government posts within a matter of weeks or months.

Among them:

-Jean-Martin Masse: The lawyer and Montreal businessman was appointed to Via Rail's board of directors on June 19, 2009. He and Housakos were members of the Progressive Conservative party's youth wing and worked together within the ADQ. Masse was an executive at an advertising firm that provided technical assistance to Housakos to do business under the firm's name in Greece.

-Nick Katalifos: a longtime Montreal school prinicipal was appointed to the Employment Insurance Board of Referees on Sept. 9, 2009. He and Housakos co-founded a small international consulting firm called Quadvision International.

-Claude Carignan: the mayor of Saint-Eustache was appointed to the Senate on Aug. 27, 2009. He and Housakos worked together at the highest levels of the ADQ, where Carignan was a party co-founder.
Harper's Conservative Senate appointments in action, reaping what he's sown...