Friday, October 09, 2009

Dance, dance

The tough on crime dance is peculiar to the Conservative species. It involves loud rhetoric and flapping of arms. Finger pointing at others is also typically involved. Conservatives can be seen doing it quite frequently these days.

Peter Van Loan did it yesterday. His office scrambled because the Conservatives were getting bad publicity about de-funding an "acclaimed" program for the rehabilitation of sex offenders. Cutting the funds would have axed a program that keeps convicted sex offenders from reoffending. Kind of important "tough on crime" stuff yet this crowd wouldn't support it until someone turned on the klieg lights.

Rob Nicholson also did it yesterday. Flailing about and spouting "soft on crime" labels toward Liberals, causing a crime legislation brouhaha in the Senate. Meanwhile his very own Conservative Senate colleague rejected a fast-tracking of that very crime legislation that Nicholson was on about. Word is that a vote could have occurred today and the bill was set to pass. Yet Nicholson can't take "yes" for an answer. Then he wouldn't be able to do his big dancing thing. This stuff is getting knocked back quicker, that's a good sign.

They don't do "tough on crime,"it's just a tough on crime dance that they're doing all the time.