Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Drip, drip, drip: Conservative ridings getting disproportionate share of "RINC" funds too

More today from the Ottawa Citizen & Chronicle Herald investigation of how the federal stimulus funds are being spent in federal ridings. This one looks at the "RinC" program, i.e., the Recreation Infrastructure Canada program. It's showing a disproportionate share for Conservative ridings too, to the tune of 66 percent of all projects announced thus far.

Some of the latest skewing:
Overall, about three of every four projects so far funded through the RinC program has gone to Ontario, where Conservative hopes for a majority government in the next election.

The northwern Ontario riding of Kenora, once Liberal turf but now held by Conservative Greg Rickford, received more projects under the program than any other riding in the country.

Among the 35 projects in Kenora were upgrades to baseball diamonds and the Kenora Recreation Centre.

The ridings held by Tories Tony Clement, Darryl Kramp, Bev Shipley and Pierre Lemieux rounded out the top five. Mr. Clement, as industry minister, is ultimately in charge of the program.
There's a trend here and it's all going one way...