Thursday, October 15, 2009

Historical note on the big cheque story

Could history repeat itself?
Maurizio Bevilacqua remembers when he knew the Liberals were going to win the 1993 election -- Conservatives in Brian Mulroney's government were criss-crossing the country spending taxpayers' money as if it was their own.

"This time it's coming a little bit early," the Toronto-area Liberal MP said yesterday, referring to the apparently widely held feeling among Conservative MPs that they're entitled to their entitlements -- principal among them, replacing the maple leaf on presentation-sized cheques with their own name and the Conservative party logo. They should beware because nothing fires up angry voters more than being bribed with their own money.
Yes, that could be a problem. Is the horse out of the barn for the Conservatives? It's hard to see how it isn't.

One more excerpt from Ivison, just for the fun of it:
The Conservative spin machine now says that the use of the logo was not endorsed by the party, which was not aware it was being used. This version of events asks us to believe that all these MPs came up with the giant cheque wheeze off their own bat. Since most Conservative back-benchers follow the old HMS Pinafore line of voting at their party's call and never thinking for themselves at all, this seems scarcely plausible.
Hard to disagree with that.