Friday, October 02, 2009

Late night Conservative elves at work again

The Globe had this report last night: "Harper not master of his domain." A suggestive, Seinfeldian and appropriate title. Because the report highlighted the website "," pointing out that it was "...a link to a portal for adult personals, replete with images of women clad in black lingerie and stiletto heels." Many of us know and can attest to that fact, as we visited last night when the site was circulated on twitter. Dave Cournoyer posted about this on his blog initially.

But now it's all gone. In the middle of the night, has lost its, ahem, edge. It's now pointed to a bland placeholder site. Probably more appropriate given the namesake, but still. What a letdown.
The Prime Minister's Office could not immediately be reached for comment late Thursday night.
They do work fast. Those late night Conservative elves pulling the graveyard shift. Hope they're getting time and a half. It's a 24/7 job protecting dear leader's image on the world wide webs these days...