Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The laughing frat pack

Received an email from a regular blog reader this morning. Thought it put yesterday's hooting in the House of Commons in a sobering perspective:
Monday, I got my seasonal flu vaccination at Mt Sinai Hospital. I asked about the H1N1 protocol. They were confused. As is just about everyone else.
It is reported that Dr. Carolyn Bennett, MP (St. Paul’s) was hooted and ridiculed when she tried to get an answer about the confusing information.
With the absence of a strategy, some very serious and contradictory messages take hold and spread panic.
I wonder if that 13-year old went by the name Ben, and the father now grieving was Stephen Harper, just how funny would those Conservatives who acted like a frat pack find it.
This is the scene my friend was referring to in the Commons, described in the Star today as well:

Yet the Globe optimistically opines today:
The federal government needs to take charge of the H1NI pandemic.
See video above. And the many 360 degree moves from Health Minister Leona Aglukkaq, the latest one at that link being the decision to purchase unadjuvanted vaccines from Australia, having stated the previous week that there was no need to worry about a delay in their production in Canada.

On health issues, it's fly by the seat of their pants damage control most times. Listeriosis. Isotopes. H1N1. The Globe is waaaay too optimistic about this government. How we get through this latest challenge will be despite them.

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