Sunday, October 25, 2009

Left-wing or right-wing with Maxime Bernier

Since he's back in the good books, apparently, with perhaps a rehabilitation to cabinet upcoming, thought we'd take another look at the icon from the Beauce that is Maxime Bernier. It is lazy Sunday after all, and it's only five or so minutes of your time. It took me to about the 1:15 mark before my first hearty laugh out loud. See how long it takes you.

Listen to his views on what is left wing and what is right wing, it's instructive. Learn, for example, why George W. Bush was not truly a right wing compatriot. Learn why Bill Clinton is admired by Maxime (no, not for the immediate reason coming to mind). Learn too his views on letting market forces roam freely, advocating less government involvement, apparently oblivious to world events of the past year and what has in fact kept, for e.g., the Canadian financial industry strong. Should he end up at Natural Resources, could be relevant (as much as any minister's views are in this government, that is).

Enjoy...or at least, don't hate me too much for having made you watch. Chalk it up to being a useful reminder of the calibre of the Harper government team. And a plea to the Prime Minister, please get this intellectual force back in your cabinet, the blogging community will heartily thank you.