Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Memories of Housakos

As the present controversy over Conservative Senator Leo Housakos unfolds ("Leo Housakos employed by Montreal firm that won a $1.4-million federal stimulus contract,"), let's review how we have come to know of him in recent political discussions. Here's what preceded his appointment to the Senate by the Prime Minister during the great "Prorogation Vacation of '08"...

A refresher:
A joint investigation by the Globe and Mail and Radio-Canada is alleging that a member of the Prime Minister's Office and a Conservative fundraiser directly interfered in a pair of political dossiers.
That Conservative fundraiser referenced there is Housakos. The first allegation of political interference by Housakos had to do with a real estate developer engaged in a lawsuit with Public Works:
The report says Soudas directly intervened on behalf of Rosdev Group, a Montreal real estate developer currently embroiled in a multimillion-dollar lawsuit with the Public Works Department over the management of two office buildings that house thousands of civil servants.

The report also says Leo Housakos, a longtime Tory supporter and party organizer in Quebec, also intervened directly with the Public Works Department.
The report also says that Soudas was present during a meeting between Housakos and an unnamed military contractor looking for an edge in bidding with the government.
A bit more here on that latter story.

And less than a year after all that news, Housakos was appointed to the Senate by Harper.

Just a bit of backdrop for you as the present conflict of interest allegations circulate on Conservative Senator Housakos' employer receiving federal stimulus funds.