Wednesday, October 07, 2009

More truthiness from the PM

In the House of Commons today, still peddling a tale that's just not true:
“Mr. Speaker, last week the leader of the opposition was, and has been for some time, calling upon this government to engage in employment insurance reforms which would permanently add $4 billion to the bottom line of that program. This week he claims to be concerned about how EI premiums could increase in the future,” he reported.
This $4 billion Conservative price tag on those Liberal EI proposals has been discredited by the Parliamentary Budget Office:
The Conservative government has overestimated the price tag of the Liberals' proposed employment insurance plan by nearly four times the actual cost, the parliamentary budget office said Friday.

According to the budget office, the Liberals' $1.1-billion cost projection for their EI plan is a “reasonable estimate." The Conservatives have pegged the cost at $4 billion.

But the office's report said the government’s estimate "is not consistent" with the proposal because it wrongly included unemployed individuals not covered in the plan. For example, special beneficiaries, new entrants and re-entrants to the labour force would not be included.
Clinging to disproven facts, for the Prime Minister it's as if the Parliamentary Budget Office doesn't even exist. That's all. Just another instance of Conservatives spinning their bizarro reality. What to do with a party and leader like this who are willing to say anything? That is the ongoing question...

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