Tuesday, October 06, 2009

PMO muckraking

Conservatives are playing games, mucking about, no doubt on the boss' orders. This is the kind of stuff that can take down all that present piano playing aura a peg or two. Feeds into the perception that the boss just can't help himself in delving into political shenanigans. Could be overplaying his hand and angering his "enemy," as he would put it.

Dhalla defecting to the Conservatives? After what Jason Kenney and his crew did to her in the spring? That's quite hard to believe, despite the issues of late with her private members bill. Besides, if Dhalla were to defect, that would crush Kenney pal Parm Gill's chance in the riding. No, this just seems like more of an effort to go after Dhalla again, to shake her hold on that riding and generally make Liberals nervous.

Muckraking, playing about, not a good look for a government that is supposedly all about work these days...