Thursday, November 12, 2009

6 Lisa Raitt-related investigations in the offing?

Recall that there are five kicking around already. There are two investigations that have been formally opened by the Ethics Commissioner and the Privacy Commissioner related to a Raitt fundraiser allegedly organized out of the independent federal agency, the Toronto Port Authority. Complaints have also been filed with the Lobbying Commissioner and Elections Canada regarding that fundraiser. That's four.

A second ethics complaint was filed against Raitt for the improper use of the Conservative logo at a government of Canada announcement. The ethics commissioner is investigating those complaints (55 of them) formally. So technically there are three "formal" investigations open involving Raitt out of a possible five.

Throw in the possibility of a sixth with this news last night: "Toronto Port Authority asks auditor general for audit amid Raitt controversy." That would be this most recent controversy.

For those following the ongoing tally of the Conservative race to the ethical bottom of Canadian politics, this would bring the present number of investigations sought against the Harper Conservatives to 65. Or, almost two-thirds of the way to 100.