Friday, November 27, 2009

Another "significant political insider" story

Warren Kinsella points out that most media have missed the nascent beginnings of the next Ontario election campaign. Don Guy will head up Dalton McGuinty's re-election and Mark Spiro will be heading up the provincialist Tory effort. Warren canvassed Mr. Guy, so let's take a peek at the other guy and see where the tentacles might lead.

Mr. Spiro has an interesting background. He is the Principal at Crestview Public Affairs, according to this cached view as of October, 2009. He has been noted as a bright light of Torydom and the lobbying world for some time. Earlier this year the Hill Times described him as "a key adviser and top organizer on the federal Conservatives' recent electoral successes" and one of those lobbyists "...who are not registered but "do everything except pick up the phone to call contacts" and who "play a large role" in policy-making...". This is the so-called "strategic advisory" role which seems to be increasingly prevalent in this special era of Harper accountability. A role which is not covered under the toothless though vaunted Accountability Act which was supposed to end those so-called "revolving doors."

So, like all clever Harper acolytes, Mr. Spiro is not actually registered to lobby any federal government official, minister or department at this time. Any registrations of his date back to 2007 at the latest (search his name). But, prior to that time, he did have a fair number of registrations under the Crestview banner. One of those clients listed was none other than...the Toronto Port Authority. The Officer of Record for that entity was, of course, Lisa Raitt. She of other Port Authority fame.