Friday, November 27, 2009

Contradictions: MacKay still doesn't have it right

"MacKay now:"This is common practice." It's OK for retired generals to have access to the Colvin documents:
Mr. Speaker, we have and will continue to provide all legally available information.

Let us be clear, as part of the preparations to testify in hearings before the parliamentary committee, individuals like Generals Hillier and Gauthier, recently retired, as well currently serving General Fraser were provided documents relevant to the issues being discussed at the parliamentary committee, as were Mr. Colvin and Mr. David Mulroney.
This is a common practice for current and former public servants, to be given information for which they are privy to give testimony before the parliamentary committee. It is the normal practice that we follow.
Really? From Richard Colvin's testimony before the Afghan special Commons committee:
Second, DFAIT and the Department of Justice, again working together, blocked my access to my own reports from Afghanistan. I was told, “We will decide which of your reports you require.” I was given none of them.
It's not so common after all. Colvin is presently an intelligence officer at the Canadian Embassy in Washington, D.C.

Update: Colvin was speaking of his preparation for testimony in front of the Military Police Complaints Commission to which he had been subpoenaed. He was blocked from accessing his own reports for that purpose, to be clear. On the one hand, access is permitted, on the other, it's denied.