Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Everything old is new again? Well, not everything

Today's OLO staff changes seem to be of more concern to Conservatives than one would think. After all, old Harpie's supposedly on a roll, dancing, why would the new Liberal team be worth taking the time to attack? Why would they bother? Reinforces the perception of puerile Conservatives, no fight is too small for them to engage. The dated sponsorship charge? Come on. That's been investigated ad nauseam. Check out the Auditor General's response to the Dean Del Mastro sideshow effort to resuscitate that bugaboo today for an appropriate adult take on such efforts. She swatted that one away quite handily. It's just plain old news Conservatives are hauling out, quite telling.

Adam Radwanski's piece today has a good sense of the dynamic here, outside the fish bowl, not many could care much who makes up the team of new staffers:
What's less clear to me is why any normal member of the public would want to know much about them at all. I get that Peter Donolo is an engaging character, and that his return to Ottawa is an interesting storyline for political junkies. But the degree of focus on the machinations of the leader of the opposition's office just seems disproportionate to Canadians' level of interest, or to those events' relevance.
This is the backroom stuff that's important to political junkies and the Ottawa crowd, few others. To Liberals across the country, there may be a heartened sense of greater experience on hand, that there's a good calibre of individuals who have been attracted.

Otherwise, moving on...