Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Excellent planning

This "split decision" is likely to prove problematic:
The Harper government is making plans to move next year's Group of 20 summit to the Toronto area from the Muskoka region because the demands of lodging and securing the vast retinue of officials threaten to overwhelm the rural Ontario district.

At the same time, federal and provincial sources say, the Conservatives plan to keep the related but separate Group of Eight economic gathering in Muskoka's Huntsville, Ont.

Both events are still expected to take place in June 2010, with the thinking being the G20 would follow the G8.
What? A G8 in Huntsville and a G20 in Toronto makes no sense at all. Why would the separation of the two groups be supported if the thinking was that the G20 was supposed to "supplant" the G8? If the G20's moving to Toronto, it makes sense economically and logistically to have it all in one place. But...we have the G8 stimulus boondoggle in Tony Clement's riding. A $50 million infrastructure fund has been set up for it and if they yank the meeting(s), the money's for nought. Excellent planning by these Conservatives, as always...