Monday, November 30, 2009


I think Aaron Wherry pretty much nails what's now going on in Ottawa, capturing the unbridled enthusiasm of the Conservatives today in the House of Commons, now unleashed in their full frontal effort to claim for themselves the support-the-troops field: "The Commons: Mission accomplished." Worth a read.

This is the worst kind of divisive rhetoric seen at the height of the Bush administration's heyday and the Conservatives are fiercely embracing it now. Dimitri Soudas was on the CBC show this afternoon, peddling the notion that retired General Gauthier was treated "like a war criminal" by the opposition during the Afghan committee hearings last week. The fact that the Prime Minister's spokesperson says such things is telling. Mr. Harper's office is pushing this prism now, you either support the troops or you don't. His aggressive photo ops with the military are meant to round out the visuals for this very partisan strategy.

I can't imagine, having watched this movie play out to the south of us, that Canadians are eager to see it brought here. It seems to have that hallmark of desperation to it, a hail Mary of uber-rhetoric. I hope Canadians soundly reject it all. There are legitimate questions about the government's oversight of prisoner allegations in Afghanistan, that's not changed one iota by their p.r. strategy.