Thursday, November 26, 2009

MacKay's name just seems to keep coming up

"MacKay's office got Red Cross warnings about Afghan torture."
"Warnings on detainees were e-mailed to MacKay's office."
"Afghan detainee handling concerned Red Cross."

MacKay is certainly wearing this to date while the Prime Minister lounges in the background. The denials from MacKay that he saw nothing until 2007 seem rather ludicrous at this point. As do the protestations that nothing was of concern here. The memos weren't deemed to warrant action according to Dugas, MacKay's spokesperson quoted in the Globe report. Which moves the goalposts, of course, the story was initially MacKay saw nothing, now that his office has been shown to have received Colvin memos, the story is that they just weren't direct enough in their content. Quite an adjustment. Apparently these guys needed the word "TORTURE" written in capital letters to grab their attention. From the Star, more harmful background for MacKay:
A former government official with knowledge of government actions at the time, who spoke on condition of anonymity, could not recall reading Colvin's emails specifically. But the official said it was virtually impossible that MacKay wouldn't have been at least briefed about Colvin's emails if they went to the minister's office, "since this was the number one issue for the Tories."

"There were major concerns from multiple sources, different agencies, everyone putting out the same warnings," said the source.
The content of the memos should have warranted action, the stance is not credible. Now that they've been shown to have reached a Harper minister in 2006, that's significant.