Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The "ordinary Canadian" Conservatives at it again

Updated (10:25 p.m.) below.

Today's venue for Minister Raitt, the New York Yacht Club...why not? One could sense a nautical pattern here...

"Minister Raitt Visits New York to Promote Canada's Energy Resources"

The Honourable Lisa Raitt, Canada’s Minister of Natural Resources, will be in New York City on November 9–10 to meet with key business leaders, government officials and thought leaders to discuss energy issues and, in particular, the oil sands. Minister Raitt will make a keynote luncheon address on the oil sands on Tuesday November 10.
Location: New York Yacht Club, Model Room
I'm sure this isn't costing us much, right?

Update (10:25 p.m.): Here's some coverage of the visit, with an interesting photo choice accompanying it, "Raitt touts oilsands to New York business, political elite." The message meant to play on U.S. "economic and security" worries and it met with some protest.