Thursday, November 05, 2009

Peter Van Loan meets the press

And it doesn't go so well. Deservedly, for Public Safety Minister Peter Van Loan who acknowledged today that he did indeed hold back a 2008 RCMP report that is favourably disposed toward the long gun registry so that MPs did not have it in their hands when they voted last night:"Minister grilled over timing of the release of a gun registry report;" "Scrum Theatre: Who wants to know what Peter Van Loan finds interesting about the Firearms Commissioner's Report?" Video here.
Under intense questioning by reporters, Van Loan acknowledged he's held the report for several days, rather than release it before the vote.
That's the kind of democratic instinct these Conservatives have. There's no justification for such actions. They even tend to undermine the integrity of the vote that just occurred and may provide a fertile ground for mounting opposition to the bill in committee. Wouldn't be the first time a private members' bill died in committee, after all.

It's hit the YouTubes, Scott has video as does COALM.