Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Just say no to more Harper p.r. spending

Is it possible to say no to this one at this point? Because it really doesn't sit well at the moment, when renowned human rights groups are being axed, for example: "Taxpayers on hook for $1.7-million as PMO rolls out video."
Taxpayers are being asked to pay an extra $1.7-million this fiscal year to help bolster Stephen Harper's communications support services – just as the Prime Minister's Office begins distributing government videos of Harper to the news media.
These funds will support "6.5" new employment positions in communications for the most communications obsessed PMO in modern history.

Do we really need to be boosting the p.r. capabilities of the Prime Minister at this moment? I think it deserves a big fat no. Taxpayers are already funding advertising by the federal government at unprecedented levels. The Economic Action Plan advertising alone is estimated to be in the $100 million range this year. How much taxpayer money is enough for the Harper Conservatives for their self-absorbed advertising fetish? 

We're entering a period of catastrophic debt. Certainly seems like a good time for the PM to exercise some self-restraint with his budget. You know, set an example for the government he leads that is about to experience serious cuts. 

Just say no.