Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Rank Conservatives

And I don't mean "rank" as in rank and file. This is just sad or ridiculous, take your pick:

Fresh from their sleepover in the legislature's vicinity, these two fine specimens, Conservative MPPs Hillier and Murdoch...continued their obstruction of the legislature. Question Period derailed yesterday.

Note that Bob Runciman the Conservative House Leader is fronting this. Still no mention of Hudak, not here either. Unless there's some change, he's lost this pair of votes until 2011. You know, the distant horizon a few years from now.

This has been a new low, that's for sure...who'd a thunk that the details of how our provincial representatives' bodily functions are being looked after would ever figure so prominently in a political story. Nice.

P.S. Column worth reading on this: "Disgraceful show put on by PC caucus."