Tuesday, December 29, 2009

There's no life like it

A skeptic might raise an eyebrow at some recent headlines of the military variety in the last few days. For example, we've seen: "Paying Afghans for damage caused by soldiers 'phenomenal' counter-insurgency." Then there was this news from the high seas: "Crew of Canadian frigate helps ship after pirates get ransom and flee." Both reports sole-sourced to the military and of a very good news orientation. The pirate story in particular. We board, we sweep for pirates, we give medical examinations, we leave fresh food and water, and then with a wave and a smile, we're off. OK, not the wave and smile part, but it's close.

Anyway, I suppose I'm a baddie for drawing critical attention to such reports which seem to stand out amidst a lengthy stretch of negative focus on Afghanistan and in particular on the Afghan detainee issue. That story continues today.

Who knows, maybe it all is that sunny, the glass is half full, gee whiz...but it's tough not to question the timing, the one-sidedness of the reporting and the out of the blue nature of the subject matters.