Monday, January 11, 2010

Bad weekend for a town hall: Lisa Raitt meets the public

Not a good weekend for Lisa Raitt to hold town hall meetings:
Surprisingly, Ms. Raitt seemed rather unprepared to deal with these questions. I’ll give credit where credit is due – she was well versed on what to say about Copenhagen when I addressed it. But with prorogation she seemed defeated – she sat and she listened as individual after individual slammed the government’s lack of accountability, blatant self interest, and so forth and she just nodded and responded “Thank you for your comments, i’ll take them back to Ottawa”. It was her third town hall of the day so perhaps she had learned that people weren’t buying the whole “Liberals did it too” speech so she just took the verbal beating. It didn’t look good on her or the government, I will say that.
Somehow you get the feeling that Raitt scheduled these town halls before somebody dropped the p-bomb. Would have loved to hear the report back to prorogued "Ottawa."

More on Raitt's day at Halton does Copenhagen, the source of the above excerpt.