Thursday, January 28, 2010

Ekos & women


Just an interesting sight for you to behold this morning. That's all.

Scott has a post up on this already and others likely will today. One of the most interesting aspects, women voters swinging back to the Liberals. Nationally preferring Liberals to Conservatives 32.3 to 27.4. In Ontario, for example, that gap is very pronounced: 41.4 to 27.5.

In this vein, did you happen to catch Flora MacDonald on Power Play yesterday? When asked to comment on the Prime Minister now raising the issue of women and children's health in the developing world, MacDonald spoke of having gone to CIDA to obtain funding for her work with women and children in Afghanistan. She was told that they weren't interested, that it was not a priority of CIDA.

Here's a link to MacDonald's site. There is CBC video there that shows the hands on work she's doing in Afghanistan. This is a former leading Progressive Conservative woman, who has taken on a great initiative in Afghanistan. Along with other development aid to Afghanistan, it's hard to see why her group wouldn't be funded.

Some are taking the "so what" view to criticism of the sincerity of the Prime Minister's effort. Nevertheless, the government's record is important. It's an indicator of their credibility going forward. Hypocrisy should be pointed out and then voters can make their own decisions. Some of them might not be willing to say "so what."

MacDonald was likely the guest on that show yesterday because the Minister of State for the Status of Women, Helena Guergis, cancelled her appearance. Liberal MP Martha Hall Findlay was supposed to appear with Guergis and had a few, let's say, uncomfortable questions prepared for Guergis, such as: "Why are Canadian women worse off relative to men since Harper took power in 2006? Why do we have an even bigger gender gap, in terms of such factors (used in the GGG Report) as economic opportunity, educational attainment, literacy, health and political empowerment?" Oh well, she can ask them in Parliament...right.