Monday, January 18, 2010

Ignatieff at U Vic this past week (video)

For anyone who's interested in checking out how Ignatieff's university events are going, this video will give you a glimpse. I've noticed this making its way around the internets the past day or so, thanks to amfresh and WomanatMileO too. So what can I say, I'm just following along with the crowd:)

It's quite good, I think, for a few reasons. If you watch, it'll give you a sense of the message Ignatieff is delivering on the road, could be a forerunner of larger themes to come. I like the pitch here to younger voters, the idealistic appeal for involvement. There are also some words about prorogation and some brief words on challenges facing the country. The democratic themes could be particularly good to develop. I mean, what's the counter going to be from Harper? None of this is detailed policy, so no one should watch expecting that.

This video is just the opening part, the sessions are largely Q & A format (making for some lively moments) which are available at amfresh's site.