Thursday, January 28, 2010

Jobs, jobs, jobs, the word of the week

Obama emphasized jobs in his speech last night:
Mr. Obama appealed for an end to the “tired old battles” that have divided the country and stalled his efforts on Capitol Hill. He promised to focus intently on the issue of most immediate concern to the nation, jobs.
He was right to make the creation of jobs and the reform of the far too vulnerable financial system his top priorities.
Now, as the Liberals concurrently display this emphasis, citing jobs as a priority this year, one only has to wonder how long it will be before the Harper government follows and moves away from their deficit cutting rhetoric

For an interesting visual on this point, see HarperBizarro today for two comparative "Wordle" word clouds on Obama's State of the Union address (at the Guardian link) and the Liberal jobs policy announcement yesterday.

Finally here, Rick Mercer's brief take on Stockwell Day's new position: