Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Carol Goar pointed out earlier this week that seniors' old age security benefits have been frozen since October 2008. The government's justification for the freeze is that the cost of living index has not changed in the last six quarters. Seniors are not buying this however, given obvious increases over the past year in food costs, transit costs, etc. There is some speculation that this is a "foretaste" of budgetary measures to come from the Harper government.

Meanwhile: "Team Canada players eligible to receive cash bonus if they make the podium." The men's Olympic hockey team, comprised of professional players, only 3 of whom make less than $3.5 million in annual salary, will be receiving $20,000 apiece (or $15,000/silver, $10,000/bronze) based on medal performance in the Olympics via funding from the Canadian Olympic Committee.

You might find that comparison of an "apples" and "oranges" variety, but there it is.